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How it Works

By signing your firm (or office) up to join the SE 2050 Commitment Program you will be making a formal commitment to make substantive reductions of embodied carbon on your projects through measured reductions, advocacy and sharing of your results for the broader movement.

The Program is set up to work two-way street. We provide you the necessary tools, support, education, database and analysis to ensure your firm is in the best position to be successful in your move to embodied carbon reductions in the structural systems you design and materials you specific. We expect that you will provide the Program back the advocacy for this effort and measurement and reporting of your projects to guarantee a better informed movement and real quantitative analysis of where the trends are in our profession All to achieve the goal of net zero embodied carbon structural systems by 2050 using measurable metrics and establishing aggressive yet reasonable reduction targets.

Finally, we understand what its like to be a structural engineer and have the demands of deliverables and schedules. We play a critical role in all building and infrastructure projects. That being said we do expect that if you are signing up to this program that you remain actively engaged and find ways to contribute this important movement. To have success we have to do this together and we need as many structural engineers to engage in this effort. We sincerely hope you join us and help make net zero embodied carbon structures possible!

Benefits of Joining

  • Help clients save money by further emphasizing efficient structural systems with minimal structural material quantities.
  • Boost your firm profile by developing new sustainability approaches and creating a culture that exemplifies sustainable design.
  • Have access to tools that will allow you to benchmark embodied carbon metrics, set targets, track progress, and validate your design approach for embodied carbon savings against industry trends.
  • Be part of a growing cadre of firms who are working to combat climate change through education, embodied carbon modeling using LCA methods, and advocacy.
  • Be given educational resources for your firm’s staff to improve their understanding of embodied carbon impacts of structural systems and access to a basic tool for determining an order of magnitude impact of embodied carbon for a structural system.

Program Requirements

To sign up click on the ‘sign up’ button on the bottom of this page. You’ll be asked to create an account and prompted to provide basic firm information including the point of contact within your firm or office. From there you will be prompted to provide the following information. Finally, you will be given a username and password to upload the requested information as well as have access to begin uploading project embodied carbon data to our database.

1. Basic firm information including your firm’s point of contact

2. A signed SE 2050 Commitment Program letter signed by a members of your firm’s executive leadership signing your formal commitment to join SE 2050. Commitment letter must be uploaded upon joining.

3. Your firm’s comprehensive Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP). ECAP must be uploaded within four months of joining SE 2050.

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