WordPress Onsite Training

Branch partnered with New Balance Fitness Club (NB Fitness Club) to create a new website to market their newly remodeled, 25,000 square foot fitness facility in the new Boston Landing Development in Allston.

The goal of the website project is to best showcase the new facility, drive awareness, encourage new members to sign up, and be built with a solid framework encompassed by a WP Content Management System (CMS), that the client could easily update and manage.  This is a critical component for any company to be able to make simple updates, like replacing an image, adding another employee to the staff page, or even promoting the latest event or offering, EASILY on their website.

The client isn’t looking to entirely eliminate the agency, but they certainly don’t want to have to reach out to them every time they need a minor update to their site.  This is what every company wants, to truly take advantage of the power of the Content Management System that they paid to have implemented into the backend of their website.

At Branch, we take the time to write up thorough instructions for the client to make updates.  Not only do we put them in writing and provide PDF’s of them in both digital and printed format, but we take the time to walk the client through each area of the site that they can update.  We love meeting with our clients face to face, and love to walk them through how to make updates.  They are so excited to be able quickly add a new image or video to their site, or even just make minor content updates.  It’s saves everyone a lot of time and creates for an efficient hand-off and overall process to updating a website. Excited to be able to do this for our friends at NB Fitness Club.

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