SE 2050 Brand & Site Creation

Brand curation and site design and development for a non profit initiative we strongly believe in.

About This Project

SE 2050 stands for the Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Initiative that encompasses the SE 2050 Challenge issued in 2019 by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) and the SE 2050 Commitment Program developed by the Sustainability Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). This site is dedicated to the SE 2050 Commitment Program or the SE 2050 Commitment for short.


The SE 2050 Commitment Program is being developed in response to the SE 2050 Challenge which states:


All structural engineers shall understand, reduce and ultimately eliminate (zero) embodied carbon in their projects by 2050.


To support this initiative, the SE 2050 team reached out to Branch Media to create a brand identity and digital presence to tell their story, in order to spread the word about committing to zero.


The logo concept, using all caps and separating the SE and 2050 with color alone. The color palette approach uses 2 colors, the gray for SE being a slate gray – feels solid and grounded, and the bright blue is vibrant and bold for the 2050. The colors here truly emody an effervescent, energetic, electric, airy vibe. The line draws that frames the logo draws your eye from the tagline, “Committing to Zero,” below the logo, directly to the zero above it to support the statement, and encourages motion, and progressive forward thinking.


The site design also supports a more modern, progressive approach in style and functionality. This aesthetic truly sets the brand apart with other websites in this industry. While the content is presented clearly throughout with generous amounts of white space, the supporting and relavant imagery pops and engages the user.


A primary feature to the site is the ECOM-Embodied Carbon Estimator:


ECOM, (E)mbodied (C)arbon rough (O)rder of (M)agnitude, is a basic embodied carbon estimator that allows users to determine approximate estimates of what assemblies contribute to a project’s embodied carbon. The user simply inputs the quantity of materials and immediately gets the embodied carbon impact.


The site is in beta now and generating a lot of awareness in the industry. We’re excited to continue our partnership with the SE 2050 team and look forward to future site enhancements as this new initiative evolves.


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