Product Launch: “Leapfrog” Campaign

Brand Campaign to Promote FDA Product Clearance

About This Project

T2 Biosystems received some very exciting news at the end of May 2018. Breaking news was announced that the FDA had cleared the T2Bacteria Panel. It is the first FDA-cleared test to identify sepsis-causing bacteria direct from whole blood.


The team at T2 was obviously ecstatic with this news and they wanted to make a big splash in the marketplace, launching a campaign that is not only bold but clever. Using the theme of a leapfrog, “T2Direct Diagnostics: The only way to leapfrog blood culture,” and placing a full-screen image of leapfrogs on the homepage, thinking outside the box, and standing out in the industry. We incorporated HTML5 animation to subtly move the particles surrounding the frogs, giving them depth and movement. The leapfrog was then incorporated in an animated state on subpages and also within various marketing materials to promote their FDA clearance.


In it’s bold approach to a product launch receiving FDA clearance, the leapfrog was very well-received by industry veterans and continues to be a part of the current digital experience.


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Animation, Campaign, Design, Dev, UI/IA/UX