T2 Biosystems

Innovative digital brand presence to support even more innovative scientific discoveries.

About This Project

We’re proud to announce the site redesign, development, and content refresh of one of our favorite clients digital experiences, T2 Biosystems.  The company has created revolutionary technology, and their sole mission is to save lives and improve healthcare by empowering clinicians to get patients on the right therapy faster.


The new brand strategy integrates the human element effectively, by incorporating people imagery, we’re truly honing in on the human benefit of saving lives.  The new site also approaches a more keen eye on content and displays powerful, bold messaging throughout. By using a series of techniques from subtle html5 animations, seen on the homepage, to featured case studies, and key stats, the site tells the T2 Biosystems story — and what sets them apart in the marketplace. The site highlights the benefits that their technology has brought to real patients, saving lives and making groundbreaking improvements in patient care in several hospitals nationwide. In addition, strong calls-to-action are prominently placed throughout the site for lead capture and generation. We also most recently implemented Search 360 for an enhanced user search experience. Visit the site to see these features and functions live!


Given that the T2 Biosystems brand is ever-evolving and making innovative progressions every few months, our team is excited to continue our partnership and enhance their digital experience to reflect all of the life-saving discoveries that they are so tireless working to unveil to improve patient care for all in the future.


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