the TRACK at new balance

A marketing website for a highly innovative facility currently in construction.

About This Project

The construction development of ‘the TRACK at new balance’ is currently underway with a completion date of Fall 2021. In order to generate awareness and excitement around the innovative structure, the New Balance Development Group reached out to Branch to design and develop a website to market the TRACK. Because the building itself is state of the art, and will have the fastest track in the world, the website look and feel needed to reflect a similar vibe.  The one pages experience utilizes a jump navigation that allows the users to seamlessly navigate to different sections of the page, incorporating smooth animation styles throughout. The brand direction is black and white with highlights of the New Balance red that drive users to calls-to-action on the page. Image renderings and event photography are incorporated to give the audience a sense of what the TRACK will not only look like, but offer as well.  A virtual tour of the new facility is set to be completed later this fall and will be incorporated onto the page.


Check it out at:

Brand, Design, Dev, UI/IA/UX