Tuft Health Plan Good PCP Infographic

Custom illustrated infographic to walk through a step-by-step guide of how to see your PCP.

About This Project

Finding a good Primary Care Provider can be a daunting process. Tufts Health Plan tasked Branch with creating the visuals for a long infographic that walks the audience through five valuable steps to finding the right PCP. The step by step infographic guides users through important things to note when searching for a PCP, such as a convenient location, business hours that work for your schedule, a helpful staff, and a variety of communication lines like phone, email, texting, and access to an online portal. It also offers helpful information on how to find the right doctor through the Tufts Health Plan online search tool, and what do ask when you find a doctor that may be a good fit for you. The infographic is custom designed with unique illustrations that support the Tufts Health Plan brand positioning. We’ve created a main character Abby, and Abby is seen at her PCP’s office, with her family at the park, at home researching on her laptop, contacting a PCP reception office, shopping at the market, and finally, riding a bike through town with a friend. Abby tells the story of an everyday consumer looking to easily navigate and understand the health insurance industry. Tufts Health Plan offers this infographic as an easy to digest and understand step by step guide to how to see your PCP.

Brand, Consulting, Design