Tufts Health Plan Covid-19

A mini-site in response to an unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

About This Project

To streamline the messaging to audience types and Plans a new Covid-19 Mini-site launched on April 3, 2020. The Alert Banner that shows on the top of the Corporate website and What We Do site points to this new Covid-19 Mini-site. The site has information of value for the distinct audiences it serves. For members, there is valuable information on what to do if you think you may have COVID-19, waved costs for testing and treatments, information on Teleheath, and how to get health insurance if you’ve lost your job due to the economic crisis. For Providers, there is information and FAQs on much needed forms and codes to process for COVID-19 related services and upcoming webinars. For Broker and Employers there are FAQs on answering client questions and more. Lastly, there is a Helpful Resources section with an abundance of links to third party sites for more information. 


The following URLS have been set up to point to the site and to be used in communications desired: 

  • tuftshealthplan.com/coronavirus
  • tuftshealthplan.com/covid-19
  • tuftshealthplan.com/covid19


ALL traffic to the Website on any content that is COVID-19 or coronavirus related from FEB 1- APRIL 23 showed a VERY high number of Unique Page Views (95,026)


The Bounce Rate on that content is low, at 15% which is GOOD as it means people who come to the pages stay and read them. (A high bounce rate would indicate users came to the pages and immediately left as if they were in the wrong place.)


On the new COVID-19 site we are seeing users visit on average ~5 pages per visit. THIS IS GREAT. Industry Average for anything over 3 pages is good, at 5 pages with the time on page per page we can strongly conclude that users are finding the content valuable and reading multiple pages in a session.


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