“It’s What We Do” Brand Campaign

Creating an Environment to Tell Inspiring Stories in the Tufts Health Plan Network

About This Project

There’s a reason Tufts Health Plan is consistently one of the top ranked health plans, and that reason is something you can’t measure or put a price on.


In an effort to get the word out on why Tufts Health Plan members value their relationship with a health plan that can rightly boast “is more than just a health plan”, the team at Branch (in collaboration with a third party agency running the campaign) developed a beautiful and engaging website to share real stories of hope and inspiration.


A large video area at the top of the page instantly engages users and sets the stage for what the site has to¬†offer. As the user scrolls down the page, a variety of stories are displayed with category filters to interact with, each one that tells a unique perspective on how Tufts Health Plan makes a difference in the lives of so many patients each and every day. As you read and watch these stories and engage with the website, it’s overwhelming just how much the people at Tufts Health Plan truly care about the members they serve. “It’s what we do” the tagline reads, and they couldn’t be more right. Quotes from the stories are displayed in an engaging carousel rotation on the page, with clear calls to action to learn more about the types of plans Tufts Health Plan offers that link users over to learn more on the corporate website. All the content, images and video on the page is fully editable using the Kentico CMS for a site that is as easy to manage as it is beautiful.


**All site content including stories, images, and videos were produced by a third party agency as part of a larger advertising campaign.


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