Top 5 Landing Page Best Practices

It’s enrollment time in the land of health insurance!  We recently launched a new landing page for Tufts Health Plan, to promote the health insurance plan, Tufts Health Direct. There are 5 key areas that were top of mind for this experience to meet the business goals and initiatives, for the page to ultimately gain conversions.

One primary call-to-action (CTA):  The call-to-action should be above the fold, and it should be big and bold. We don’t want our users to work hard to find an entry point if they are interested in continuing along the journey to conversion.  The CTA is featured front and center above the fold, and then is sprinkled throughout the page in a subtle way to encourage users to engage.

Critical content is above the fold and concise:  Landing page content needs to be succinct and straight to the point.  We want users to scan the page, absorb and digest key messaging immediately, and ultimately take action. There are bite-size snippets of the benefits of Tufts Health Direct seen below the fold, and a subtle rollover on desktop reveals the CTA again, as an added enforcement, and a visual animated cue. As the user reaches the end of the page, the primary message and CTA is reinforced. The page is also set up to easily change the site from English to Spanish.  This even includes custom images for each audience to better emotionally connect with users and support the messaging.

Conveying a sense of urgency:  With an enrollment deadline looming, incorporating a countdown feature to convey a sense of urgency is a beneficial way to get users to act sooner rather than later. No one wants to miss out on a good deal or an opportunity, so adding a countdown feature immediately sends a message to the user that taking action is more immediate than not. This counter is featured both above the fold and at the base of the page with the CTA again to simply encourage that urgency.

Mobile-friendly layout:  With a campaign driving the audience to the landing page via various media channels such as a digital ad, a radio broadcast, or even a print ad, many users may see the page first on their mobile device. On any mobile device, this landing page is presented quite well, with all primary content and the call-to-action being above the fold. As the user scrolls, the CTA is featured at all times within the content.

Brand consistency:  People have emotional responses to brands as a whole.  Brands need to look cohesive across the ecosystem in order to form a consistent connection with individuals. The Tufts Health Plan brand needs to be cohesive in any given campaign, from ad to landing page.  Using images of people in relationships and emphasizing health and wellness to support the health plan’s benefits, is very much inline with the approach that the Tufts Health Plan brand takes overall. That emotional element conveyed in the imagery evokes a feeling–a reaction from the audience that ultimately further creates trust with the brand.

In summary, with 5 key landing page best-practices in full force in this experience, this simple, clean, on-brand, responsive approach to a landing page is sure to convert. Stats to come, stay tuned!