InterSystems ROI Calculator

Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Revenue with InterSystems’ Real-Time Insights

Project Summary

Discover the transformative potential of real-time insights in improving patient outcomes and optimizing financial performance. Through our collaboration with InterSystems, Branch designed and developed a cutting-edge digital calculator aimed to quantify the impact of InterSystems’ powerful alert and notification system on healthcare practices.

Lead Generation Goals

  • Drives and customizes results display output online and for PDF output
  • Captures lead contact information with an option to request ISC to provide more info, reach out and/or have PDF results emailed
  • Generates personalized results PDF report to be emailed to user 
  • Personalized report is sent to the user at the email address they provide, including the values they
    inputted in the EVC, estimated savings, and organization name. Report also contains additional
    verbiage on the InterSystems HealthShare product and the calculator.
  • PDF report is stored with customer ID and/or emailed to MDR (for ISC reference)
  • Integrates with Pega – user contact captured and stored in Pega
  • Metric tracking capability to measure and report success
  • Mobile and Desktop versions built

Creative Flexibility

The user experience is intuitive and easy to use. The draggable inputs are insightful and quick for the user to easily adjust. There is also a clear button to reset any field inputs. The calculator was created in two color palettes, one light and one dark to give the client ultimate flexibility in offering a variety of aesthetics for the user experience. Both designs are featured here below.