Branch Media is a full service digital agency primarily based out of the metro Boston area.  Our service offerings and expertise support a complete array of digital user experiences.  Our core leadership team each have 20+ years of experience in the fundamentals of any digital experience;  Creative Services & User Experience Design, Content Curation, Systems Architecture and Development, Digital Management & Delivery, and Digital Marketing Support & Analytics.

Independently all our staff and contractors have multiple years of experience within their respective fields of expertise.  Unlike our competitors these highly experienced staff are always integral to our clients projects not just at the start or sales end of an engagement. Our teams are highly agile and scalable on-demand to meet the demands of any project need without the additional overhead of a traditional agency.

Our commitment to support our clients is unparalleled with most of our client relationships spanning a decade or more.  While we support large enterprise level organizations on a daily basis our ethos is firmly rooted in family values and ethics.


Jas Rai

Founder, Director of Technology

Core Focus: Dissemination of business goals and objectives through the digital production cycle and working with good people along the way.

Fun Facts: Hates having his picture taken. Supporter @LFC and enjoys bad horror flicks. Listens to NPR.

Erica Rai

Founder, Creative Director

Core focus: Finds extreme satisfaction in creating beautiful experiences with genuine meaning to support brand initiatives. Lover of UX design and leading a creative team.

Fun facts: Loves to run, read, and to laugh with friends and family.

Shena Lowe

Director of Account Services

Core Focus: Managing projects throughout the project lifecycle and ensuring clients are happy along the way. Additionally, has a deep understanding of all areas of the project and always offers valuable input.

Fun Facts: Likes Shenanigans. Lives in Orlando but remains a loyal Red Sox fan. Doesn’t ride rollercoasters, life is thrilling enough.

Jiten Gaikwad

Development Manager

Core focus: Well-versed in technology and writing code to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly. Skilled leader with proven ability to motivate, educate, and manage a team to build software programs and effectively track changes.

Fun facts: Likes playing cricket. Loves roaming and spending time with family.

Drew Levy

Strategy and Performance Management

Core Focus: Improving client’s overall digital marketing efforts and catalyzing audience engagement through impactful insights, strategic campaigns and detailed measurement.

Fun Facts: Originates from the REAL Jersey Shore. Works in Social Media but doesn’t use Social Media. Learned data analysis from years of Poker and Fantasy Football.

Lauren Nolan

Client Services Director

Core Focus: Partners with clients to plan and execute strategic project roadmaps.  Leads digital teams to build solutions based on best practices and business goals in order to drive client satisfaction and success.

Fun Facts: Lover of problem-solving, tools, and tinkering – once rebuilt a washing machine on her own.  Also loves the beach, family road trips and baking with the kids.


Development Team

A team focused on core application development, continuously striving to deliver high-end robust experiences.

Kentico Team

A dedicated team delivering high-quality, incredibly flexible, CMS solutions for clients who want to customize their digital experiences.

Creative, Marketing, & Analytics Team

A trusted team of highly qualified designers, animators, writers, photographers, vidoegraphers, and analytics experts who we partner with on a regular basis.



We’ve partnered with the SE 2050 team, a dedicated team of structural engineers, who’ve started a movement to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050. Learn more about this initiative and our project with them specifically in our portfolio.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the Lifespan folks on their site redesign. Expected to launch in the Fall of 2020, and we are incredibly excited with the new design and new ease of use for both the end user, and the Lifespan admin team in the backend.


Our content curation roadmap for 2020 with Tufts Health Plan is all mapped out, but we have been agile in our approach to make modifications and additions to the content we are delivering during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, offering the most relevant content.