Creative Services

Branch specializes in crafting diverse communication content, spanning from captivating photography, dynamic videography, and engaging animations to bespoke illustrations, informative infographics, compelling brochures, mailers, and beyond.


The areas we specialize in for Creative include:

Professional photography

Experienced photographers skilled in capturing compelling visuals that align with the client's brand identity and objectives, for various purposes such as corporate events, product launches, promotional materials, and website content.

Editing & retouching

Enhancing the final images and maintaining consistency across the client's media platforms, delivered in a timely manner for digital format, both optimized for online and print use.


Creative videography solutions for corporate videos, explainer videos, documentaries, interviews, and social media content. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to capture cinematic footage that engages audiences and conveys the client's message, whether in animation format or live video footage.

Full-service production

From script development and storyboard creation to filming and directing, we create customized video styles and formats tailored to suit the client's branding and marketing objectives. Our post-production editing services including color grading, audio enhancement, motion graphics, and visual effects, ensure polished, professional videos.


Crafting impactful infographics that distill complex ideas into easily digestible, visually captivating formats. Our team of illustrators excels in diverse styles, delivering top-tier, expressive visuals that bolster brand initiatives with quality and creativity.

Campaign support

From big ideas to social media content, complete with supporting visuals like banner ads, mailers, flyers, post graphics, and videos, all the way to high-end landing pages that meet the best practices checklist, Branch has your next campaign visuals covered from start to finish.

Featured Project

Tufts Health Plan reached out to Branch for a custom photoshoot of employees and integration into a website to promote careers and generate excitement about working at Tufts Health Plan. Always an exciting project to be a part of, creating custom assets for a digital experience.