UX Design

Getting your audience the information they need, as efficiently as possible, all while providing them an engaging, on-brand, enjoyable user experience that is accessible for all audiences.


The areas we specialize in for UX Design are:

Research and discovery

Defining customer journey's, based on various audience segmentations, and taking a deep dive into competitor and environmental landscapes, helping to guide and inform our UX process.


Creating a hierarchical diagram that outlines the structure and organization of a digital property's content and navigation pathways. It helps visualize the relationship between different pages or sections, ensuring intuitive user flow and facilitating efficient information retrieval.

User personas & journey mapping

Develop user personas based on research findings and create journey maps to visualize user interactions and pain points throughout the digital media experience.

IA and wireframes

Information architecture is the organizing and structuring of content to ensure logical navigation and intuitive user interaction. While the wireframe process entails creating simplified visual representations of templates, outlining key elements and layout without focusing on design aesthetics.

User testing & iteration

Conduct usability testing with target users to gather feedback on the prototype, identify usability issues, and iterate on design solutions to enhance the user experience.

Design concepts

Taking approved wireframes and applying brand styles, considering motion design and various behaviors such as sliders, menus, search, forms, etc. It is this stage of the UX work where accessibility best practices are implemented to the front end design, as well as responsive layouts for various devices.

Featured Project

UXPA Boston, a prominent community for usability practitioners in the Boston area, approached us with the need for a comprehensive website overhaul. Recognizing the significance of a modern aesthetic and streamlined content management, the goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly platform.