InterSystems Developer Hub

Elevating Digital Presence in a Dynamic Developer Landscape

Project Summary

In response to the dynamic and competitive developer community, InterSystems strategically partnered with Branch Media to propel their digital standing alongside industry giants such as Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, and MongoDB. The imperative was to establish a comprehensive developer gateway, providing an enriched access point to the diverse offerings within the InterSystems ecosystem. Conducting exhaustive competitive analysis, the result is the all-new Developer Hub Homepage, a manifestation of the brand’s commitment to elegant simplicity infused with a tech-savvy aesthetic.

Project Highlights

Competitive Edge: The project timeline, spanning from June to September 2022, was marked by a meticulous industry analysis, uncovering insights into developer expectations and industry trends. This competitive intelligence served as the cornerstone for designing a Developer Hub that not only met but exceeded the benchmarks set by industry leaders.

Holistic Service Offerings: The project seamlessly integrated Information Architecture/User Experience (IA/UX), Creative Design, and Development services. This holistic approach ensured a cohesive and engaging digital experience, appealing to developers at varying levels of familiarity with InterSystems.

CMS Innovation: Leveraging the powerful Brightspot CMS, the project achieved a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. This choice of CMS provides a robust foundation for ongoing scalability, content management, and an agile response to the evolving needs of the developer community.

B2B Solution: Positioned as a Business-to-Business (B2B) solution, the Developer Hub offers a comprehensive suite of resources. From trials for newcomers to an array of tools, contests, and engaging content for seasoned developers, the platform caters to diverse needs within the developer community.


The outcome

The InterSystems Developer Hub Homepage stands as a testament to the successful fusion of technological innovation and design finesse. Beyond its visually striking presentation, the Developer Hub emerges as a strategic nexus, fostering engagement, collaboration, and empowerment within the dynamic realm of developers. With a keen eye towards a techy look and feel, the project not only meets the expectations set by industry giants but positions InterSystems as a leading force in the ever-evolving landscape of developer ecosystems.