Tufts Health Plan

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About This Project

The new Tufts Health Plan digital experience includes a design refresh of the core site experience to give users access the information they need quickly and easily in a new, modern, fresh look and feel. The sophisticated, new clean and updated design and friendly user experience is more reflective of the Tufts Health Plan Brand and it’s position in the marketplace.


As part of this project, for the content administrators of the site, the current templates have been replaced by less templates with more robust functionality for a more streamlined approach. The new templates utilize visual content inline editing capabilities core to Kentico and are built in Portal Mode to make future CMS upgrades easier. Maximum flexibility of content is the mantra of this project, so a library of widgets and container styles that can be used and organized at the discretion of the content team have been designed and implemented. Content teams are now able to do more with less, as these new templates work across domains with the simple switch of the CSS to maintain a seamless user experience for the brand, and lower development costs of maintaining multiple sites for the overall Tufts Health Plan brand.


Alongside the curation of the Tufts Health Plan website, we also launched the Tufts Health Freedom Plan website this past fall which has the same digital framework, but a different logo I.D. and color palette.  It’s fascinating how different imagery and colors can change the look and feel of a website! Check out both of these live experiences below.





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