InterSystems Website Redesign and Development

A Seamless, Innovative Fusion of Elegance, Personalization, and Technology

InterSystems Website Redesign and Development

Project Overview

In the pursuit of elevating its digital presence, InterSystems engaged in a transformative partnership with Branch. The project, driven by extensive research and discovery, aimed at redefining the brand across multiple digital properties. The collaborative effort delved into competitive and environmental analysis, leading to the conceptualization of an updated brand strategy that seamlessly integrated elegance, personalization, and cutting-edge technology. The project seamlessly integrated Information Architecture/User Experience (IA/UX), Creative Design, Branding, Development, and Quality Assurance (QA) services. This comprehensive approach ensured a cohesive and innovative transformation across the digital landscape.

Strategic Discovery: The project commenced with a meticulous analysis phase, including Environmental, Industry, and Technology assessments. User Experience (UX) testing, encompassing card sorting, tree testing, and team discovery sessions, played a pivotal role in defining audiences, business goals, and content priorities for each department.

Branding and UX Design: The sitemap and information architecture phase, informed by extensive data collection from surveys, stakeholder interviews, and internal working sessions, laid the groundwork for a strategically sound site structure. The visual brand was then redefined through mood boards, proposing a new color system, typography, imagery, and illustration directions. The design phase introduced a user interface that prioritized flexibility and ease of content administration. Page templates with modular content modules allowed administrators the freedom to modify and display relevant content dynamically throughout the site.

Technological Framework: An extensive development process followed, driven by the goals of foundational soundness, efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. Responsive design, accessibility, and SEO were paramount considerations, ensuring the website met contemporary digital standards. Utilizing the Brightspot CMS, One Trust for Cookie Policy, Pega CRM, Akemi, and adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the project underscored a commitment to robust technological foundations and a user-centric experience. 

Project Summary

The InterSystems Website Redesign and Development project stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between InterSystems and Branch. The result is a digital presence that not only reflects elegance and personalization but also embodies technological excellence, positioning InterSystems at the forefront of innovation within the digital landscape.