Lifespan Health Network Website

Crafting a world-class user experience for health professionals and patients in Rhode Island.

Project Summary

Lifespan Health Network, the preeminent umbrella organization overseeing Rhode Island’s six primary hospitals and an extensive network of outpatient healthcare facilities, embarked on a strategic journey to redefine its digital presence. Engaging with Branch, a leader in digital transformation, Lifespan sought to elevate its website user experience to world-class standards, catering to the diverse informational needs of both healthcare professionals and the patients it serves.

The project’s primary objective was to craft a user-centric and on-brand experience that seamlessly resonates with its multifaceted audience. Emphasizing ease of use and an enjoyable browsing experience, Lifespan aimed to establish a digital platform that not only delivers a plethora of information but also mirrors the organization’s commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare.

The newly transformed website, built on Drupal CMS technology, stands as a testament to Lifespan’s dedication to providing a robust and dynamic online resource. Designed with content administrators in mind, the platform offers intuitive functionalities, ensuring effortless updates and maintenance of the site’s rich content.

Branch’s role extended beyond conventional design; it encompassed a comprehensive brand strategy approach to ensure that the digital transformation aligns seamlessly with Lifespan’s evolving brand positioning. Collaborating closely with Lifespan’s knowledgeable and innovative team, Branch successfully translated the organization’s vision into a visually striking and functionally robust digital reality.


Our Partnership Continues

We are excited to be collaborating with the Lifespan team again this Spring 2024 on the redesign of their digital properties. This design update is coming off the heels of an exciting brand update and forthcoming announcement. We’re excited to dive in!