PepsiCo Global Information Security Requirements

Critical training on a new tool to fortify the company against cyber attacks

The Need

Recognizing the widespread impact a cyber incident could have, PepsiCo was making sure best practices were updated to safeguard information. The company was about to deploy a new template selection tool globally that would help evaluate the risk of doing business with third-party suppliers before the contract or Master Service Agreement was ever signed. The next step was to deliver consistent training for all PepsiCo associates around the world who play a role in negotiating contracts. They needed to understand their critical function in protecting the company and how to use the tool.

What We Created

A single, 30-minute eLearning module delivered in 17 languages to keep the mission-critical message consistent across the globe

Project Highlights

  • Established up front why information security is important to companies and backed it with compelling, current statistics
  • Emphasized the role the user plays in protecting the company’s information assets
  • Built a walk-through to show users how to access and use the online tool step by step
  • Produced multiple scenarios to engage the user and gauge their understanding of how to use the tool
  • Created motion graphics with icons that could easily be understood universally
  • Upon client approval of the English storyboard, procured translations of all on-screen text and the narrative script
  • Launched the module with an intuitive, drop-down language selector
  • Used professional voice over and stock music
  • Included links from the eLearning module to related resources
  • Created SCORM-compliant packages for the client’s learning management system (LMS)
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