Tufts Health Plan Photoshoot and Website

Custom photoshoot of employees and integration into a website to promote careers and generate excitement about working at Tufts Health Plan.

The Process

The Human Resources department at Tufts Health Plan was looking for their digital experience to shine. They wanted to highlight work culture, calling out community events, Glassdoor ratings, employee testimonials, featured departments, and more. In order to truly elevate and customize the careers section of the website, we planned a photoshoot of a select group of Tufts Health Plan employees that covered a broad range of job roles to truly capture a broad essence of the company community. Alongside the photoshoot, we spoke with each of those employees to get a true sense of what it is like to work at Tufts Health Plan, obtaining testimonials and also top keywords that represent their overall feeling of their role at the company.

Branch reached out to our favorite photographer, Ken Richardson to partner with us in shooting the 10 chosen employees. We had a day of scouting the Tufts Health Plan headquarters to find the best places to shoot the photos, taking into consideration lighting, environmental variety, and minimal foot traffic to not be disruptive. Mapping out a shoot schedule, bringing in hair and makeup (artist Laura Dillon), we took to the races for a full day shoot. Ken and his assistant Omar Rawlings worked their magic and were so fun to work with. What a fun day, with the amazing Tufts Health Plan team–we had a blast!

Having gone through a selection process, the final photos were chosen and then integrated into the website. A rotating image carousel on the homepage features all employee final shots, and the inner department pages that they represent feature their image as well, with name and job title. The imagery truly captures a real sense of employee culture and pride in working at Tufts Health Plan. The images have also been incorporated into social, featured on LinkedIn to draw users to the careers section of the website. Since the new site launch, there has been a lot more traffic to the website, as the brand truly shines.

Tufts Health Plan and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care have since combined, and reside under the new Corporation, Point32Health.