Point32Health Senior Leadership Photoshoot

There’s nothing more compelling than a stellar, professional headshot to make a lasting impression.

The Process

The day of a photoshoot is a lot of fun. All the prep and organization undergone prior to the shoot certainly pays off, and is absolutely required. This particular photoshoot was taken over two full days. So what does it take to organize a shoot for 24 senior leadership members, needing a head shot and an environment shot? 

  • Location scouting to find the best room for a profile head shot
  • Location scouting to find the best backdrop for environment shots within corporate headquarters
  • Partner with the best hair and makeup specialist (Laura Dillon!)
  • Partner with the best photographer in the Boston area (Ken Richardson!)
  • Create a schedule to accommodate photographing 12 people per day
  • Cater the shoot days to feed all those involved!

Here is a sample selection of portrait photos

Behind the scenes

When you partner with an amazing team, shoot days are some of the best! The process to achieve an incredible photo involves crafting the perfect lighting and positioning. See some shots from our latest photoshoot here.

We’re happy to partner with the team at Point32Health again this February to take more profile shots of new leadership team members.