Tufts Health Plan Website Design and Development

A blend of aesthetics and functionality, producing a powerful and engaging user experience.

Project Overivew

Tufts Health Plan partnered with Branch to enhance its digital presence through the design and development of a new website. The initiative focused on delivering a contemporary, user-friendly experience that aligns seamlessly with Tufts Health Plan’s brand identity and market positioning.

Project Highlights

Design Refresh: The project prioritized a design refresh for the core website, ensuring users can swiftly access the information they need in a modern and fresh environment. The sophisticated and updated design mirrors the brand’s essence, enhancing its presence in the marketplace.

Enhanced User Experience: The new website introduces a friendly and intuitive user experience, reflecting Tufts Health Plan’s commitment to providing an accessible and engaging platform for its audience.

Streamlined Content Administration: Content administrators benefit from a streamlined approach, as the project replaces current templates with fewer but more robust alternatives. These new templates leverage Kentico’s inline editing capabilities and are built in Portal Mode, facilitating seamless CMS upgrades in the future.

Maximum Content Flexibility: The project’s core philosophy revolves around maximizing content flexibility. A library of widgets and container styles empowers content teams to organize and utilize elements at their discretion, achieving more with fewer resources.

Cross-Domain Versatility: The new templates work seamlessly across domains, allowing content teams to switch CSS effortlessly. This approach ensures a consistent user experience for the Tufts Health Plan brand, reducing development costs associated with maintaining multiple sites.

The outcome

The Tufts Health Plan Website Redesign and Development project stand as a testament to the successful collaboration between Tufts Health Plan and Branch. The result is a digital platform that not only reflects a modern and fresh aesthetic but also empowers content teams to efficiently manage and deliver dynamic content. This initiative positions Tufts Health Plan at the forefront of digital innovation within the healthcare landscape.